10 Best Telework from Home Jobs to Consider

6 min readJan 24, 2022


Who has thought work from home will be a thing? But now it is a new normal. On top of that, Telework from home jobs has become the new trend, and employers worldwide are adopting this model. The trend began around 2007; however, with COVID-19, its popularity increased.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, most workplaces have switched to a “remote” or “hybrid” organizational model where employees can work from home or alternate between physical attendance and working from a different location respectively. This fact means that now it is the time for people to search for good job opportunities as many organizations out there are looking out for workers, even if they live overseas.

People have realized that, even if we cannot see each other frequently, life still goes on. We must find ways to keep the world moving even during times like these, and telework from home jobs have become the primary way for this.

Work-from-home has become part of companies’ policies. There are a lot of jobs, especially freelancing, etc., that run on telework. However, this model is not easy to implement. It requires excessive planning, special software, apps, office products, and more. In the following paragraphs, we have listed the 10 best telework from home jobs to consider, plus the best home office setup for telework.

Top 10 Telework From Home Jobs Recommendations for You

1. Telehealth

Telehealth has taken the rise in recent years, and during 2020, this job got a boost. This works great for both registered nurses and medical experts. Even if you have a medical background somewhere, telehealth can be useful for you. Many companies offer telework in telehealth, with some top positions being Noom, Aetna, soliant health, broad path, united health group, and doctor on demand being the most prominent positions. Just get a few work from home equipment, and you are ready to work.

2. Business Development Manager

A business development manager is a well-paid job. It allows employees to create business plans, manage accounts on behalf of clients, improve customer satisfaction, drive new business and customers, and increase customer brand loyalty. For this telecommuting work from home, you will need great relational skills. Otherwise, you will not fit well for this telecommuting job from home.

3. Online Teaching

Online teaching has become very common these days. Due to COVID’19, almost every educational institute has adopted online teaching, and unlike the older days, it is not a challenging task anymore. Especially with the presence of so many apps like zoom, etc. Many websites encourage online teaching where you can earn good money by giving daily lectures to kids. Apart from regular classes, you can also give kids tuitions and teach them on-demand specific topics. So, get an ergonomic chair, set up a home classroom, and start teaching.

4. Copywriter

What does a copywriter do? It is a very common job these days. A copywriter writes different persuasive copies to draw the audience’s attention to convince them to either use or purchase their service or products. This model is best for those who have good editing and writing skills. Sellers in different freelancing websites like Fiverr also offer copywriting services. So, instead of seating home free, why don’t you Copyright and earn from these telework from home jobs.

5. Virtual Assistance

This work is great for those with marketing and administrative education. You can earn some good bucks with these telecommuting jobs at your home office. All businesses need virtual assistants and managers for their social media accounts. You can always find an empty position for virtual assistance. Some companies that frequently introduce these jobs include BELAY, Boldly, Profit Factory, Time Etc., and more. So, next time when you find a vacancy for such jobs, don’t forget to apply. It can become a good source of income for you.

6. Curriculum Designer

As the name depicts, a curriculum designer creates material for courses and training, etc. This job has easy tasks, and with a little experience, you can start earning well. The key duties of a curriculum designer are creating course material, writing and updating syllabi, and updating the course material with the feedback given.

7. Customer Service

Customer service representatives are the need of every job. From service companies to products, customer service jobs are for all. After all, the end goal is to have satisfied customers and ultimately a profitable business. So, what does customer service do? They chat and contact customers through chats, social media, phone, and emails. Plus, they also troubleshoot problems, sell services and products, and answer questions. So, contact any company with a customer service vacancy. Then, apply for the job and start earning while working from home.

8. Freelance Writer

With freelancing websites like freelancer.com, etc., the need for freelance writers has increased. It is a great job for writers and researchers, especially for those who enjoy writing. You can write short articles, blogs, online content, SEO content, and much more. You can earn well if you have good writing skills. Plus, some companies also hire writers for writing descriptions for their products and social media pages.

9. Marketing Manager

What does a marketing manager do? Telework from home jobs for marketing managers include tasks like marketing, advertising, and arranging campaigns to sell services and products. A marketing manager must have good writing skills, demand generation, social media, and other skills for SEO.

10. Accounting and Bookkeeping

If you love playing with numbers, then bookkeeping and accounting jobs are for you. It is a wide practice and one of the most important jobs for all businesses because, without this, businesses’ finances cannot be run.

How to Set Up a Home Office for Telework from Home Jobs?

If you are teleworking, then the following steps are useful.

  • Firstly, get a good desk and chair. Home standing desk like SmartDesk Core by Autonomous.
  • Choose some best home office setup for having a little change and office-like setup at home.
  • Add different accessories that can make your work easier.

Start working from home, relax, and enjoy earning. It has made the work-life balance easier for most employees; that’s why almost everybody appreciates it. You will love it too. So, next time you find a job, apply for it because remote working has many benefits. With these telework from home jobs, you can spend more time with your families. In addition, it allows you to spare time for your self-development and health. So, enjoy working!




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