5 steps to building the perfect trading desk setup

Traditional desk vs. Trading desk

Traditional vs trading desk

STEP 1: Get yourself an electric height adjustable standing desk

Get yourself an adjustable desk

STEP 2: You’ll need an ergonomic chair to match

  • An ergonomic chair with adequate neck support effectively reduces the risk of developing stiff neck and shoulders, greatly reducing the risk of chronic neck problems. Consistent stiffness in the neck that is not treated can lead to terrible complications such as cervical spondylosis.
  • An ergonomic chair aids in relieving back pain. Lumbar support provided by an ergonomic chair keeps your backbone free of strain whilst trading for hours on end. Avoid the risk of developing chronic back issues, which are an absolute nightmare to treat. Remember, prevention is always better than trying to find an answer!
  • Hands down, an ergonomic chair is just so much more comfortable. We often experience uneasiness and discomfort sitting in more standard types of chairs due to pressure constraints on our bones and joints. A quality ergonomic chair allows for complete comfort, providing the physical and mental clarity to trade efficiently and make the right crucial decisions.
an ergonomic chair to match

STEP 3: Screen space is power

screen space is power

STEP 4: You’ll feel the need. The need for SPEED!

Speed is the need

STEP 5: Desk cable management

Desk cable management

Now you’re ready to lead the pack!



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