A List of 5 Best Small Gaming Keyboards & Buying Guide

5 min readAug 3, 2022

Is your desk already pretty cluttered? Nor do you have the means to get a bigger desk or even sufficient space to think about one. As per the research, a cluttered desk is harmful to the mind, energy, and efficiency whether you are working or playing games. And for gamers who already have a ton of gaming setup accessories and need lots of room on the desk to roam their mouse freely, having clutter on the desk is a hindrance to their dream gaming setup.

Though it is impossible to avoid the main gaming essentials as they are equally important as ergonomic gaming furniture, you can opt for more compact and ergonomic options such as a small gaming keyboard. If you are new to this terminology or have never encountered a mini gaming keyboard, then you should consider this option a safe way to keep your desk clean and organized with minimal effort. A compact gaming keyboard has many benefits, from split mechanical keyboards to mini-sized keyboards.

And when we talk about the size, you don’t have to worry about functionality because these keyboards offer the same or better features. In this article, we will enlist some of the best small gaming keyboards, which you can even purchase through the gamer purchase program and earn a decent discount for your gaming setup.

A List of Best Small Gaming Keyboards

1. Anne Pro Gaming Keyboards

The Anne Pro gaming keyboard for small hands is not only suitable due to its functionality but also offers very attractive aesthetics. The white keyboard is pleasing to the eye, and the colorful backlight adds more value to the looks of this gadget. It has a smooth touch and comfortable typing experience and can simultaneously form connections to up to 4 devices.

The 1ms response time feels zero and the compact size makes it easier to carry around. The Anne pro gaming keyboard works with Bluetooth connectivity and has a custom layout for ease of use. It comes in wired and wireless options so people can opt for the desired solution.

2. Dierya Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The special thing about this small gaming keyboard is a battery that will last twice the regular keyboards. Its design and compact shape make it suitable for use on any desk surface, and it even makes a great pair with a multi-screen monitor setup.

The keyboard offers 7 different color modes, which adds to the looks and makes working in the dark hours easier and more comfortable. You can control the key’s brightness individually, and the keyboard works well for your office adventures, tying jobs, book writing, and even gaming, considering how each key is soft and responsive to touch.

3. Huo Ji Gaming Keyboard

The HUO JI game keyboard boasts a wide variety of functionality and nine changeable LED light effects. It allows you to design a unique ambiance for a variety of events.

For a more pleasant experience, you also have a variety of brightness and speed settings and double-shot injection molded keycaps. This item has a matte appearance and is made of metal and plastic. Its metal component ensures durability and excellent connectivity with PCs, Macs, and tablets.

4. Solakaka Gaming Keyboard

The Solakaka gaming keyboard is one of the most versatile options out there for a gaming keyboard. This one is built with advanced chip technology, making it suitable for any work environment. The keyboard supports connections for up to three devices at a time, and you can find Bluetooth connectivity and type c, wired connections to suit all of your devices.

This premium keyboard is ideal for usage at home, in a professional setting, or when traveling. No more cramped spaces when using your laptop, thanks to this. Due to its 60% compact form it has become a practical alternative for gamers and keyboard users.

5. Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard

There are several positive aspects of the Cooler Master. With a smaller profile for comfort and portability and a light bar wrapped around it for greater immersion, its design is among the nicest we’ve seen on compact keyboards.

Although Cooler Master calls it a 60 percent keyboard, it has some special buttons and dedicated arrow keys and boasts an even thinner profile. Additionally, it supports several platforms and offers key remapping, RGB illumination customization, and the ability to record macros.

How to choose the best Small Gaming Keyboard?

Finding and selecting the best compact gaming keyboard for your needs can be challenging and time-consuming, especially considering the variety of possibilities available on the market. You can count on some factors before choosing the best small gaming keyboard.


There are many different sorts of tiny form factor keyboards, so they are not all the same size, but two popular ones are the TKL and the 60 percent. The term “TKL” stands for a Tenkeyless design, in which the keyboard is still identical to a full-size keyboard but without the Numpad.

A keyboard without Fn keys, a Numpad and Arrow cluster, and navigational keys like page down and page up is 60%. It’s a common choice among gamers because first-person shooters, in particular, hardly ever use the keys above.


You will find many types of keyboards in the market today, and while the purpose remains the same, the type defines comfort, response rate, ease of use, and price. From big to mini keyboards, wired to wireless, and membrane vs. mechanical keyboards — the end goal you wish to attain with a keyboard will impact the type of keyboard which will suit you best.


Another important consideration when choosing a keyboard is how much pressure and force it will be subjected to throughout its lifetime.

Many less expensive boards now offer a plastic design that can feel flimsy and inferior. In particular, if you’re prone to the occasional fit of wrath, this kind of build quality is not recommended for gamers because it just won’t last.


While aesthetics is probably the last factor to look upon (not in every case), for a keyboard where functionality is involved, such as work and gaming, choosing based on aesthetics isn’t a wise choice. Though having a fresh and handsome keyboard on your desk is nice, it shouldn’t be the ultimate factor in picking or eliminating a product from your list.




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