Artificial Office Plants and Reasons to Have Them in Office

5 min readAug 3, 2022

The role of interior office aesthetics in your productivity and work mood is huge, and one cannot ignore the importance of office aesthetics in a workplace. From picking out the best furniture to opting for the right colors, playing with the perfect themes, a suitable office layout, and choosing the right selection of decorative, all things combined can have a make and break experience on your work mood and energy. And as you might have researched ways to be productive from the home office, you might have come across many tiny things that were easily ignored otherwise.

This also includes the tiniest decoration you add to your workstation. Each thing is helpful in its way, from your desk pad to a pot of plants right beside your work table. And if you search for professional office décor ideas, there will be more than a single occasion where the benefits and importance of green plants in a workplace pop up. Whether it is a retro office layout or minimalist office décor, a vintage office décor, or a modern office design, plants go well with every type of desk setup and increase productivity by up to 12%.

Though keeping and maintaining plants in the workplace is both tedious and tough. You might get water and mud stains on your expensive desk or even forget to water them as you get engrossed in work. Hence artificial office plants offer similar benefits by providing a nice green touch to your workstation. Whether a tall artificial indoor plant or a tiny desk pot, you will find all the benefits of artificial office plants in this article.

Low Maintenance

Suppose we were to name the biggest benefit of artificial indoor floor plants or even mention why people are reluctant to keep natural plants in their offices that would be maintenance. Maintenance of plants is a tough task. From watering them to keeping their soil nutrient-rich, learning about their needs for sunlight, to making sure they are growing without any pesticides or insecticides attack, each thing pops up on your to-do list every day.

And for those who don’t have enough time nor prefer such type of responsibility, it is wise to opt for artificial plants as they are low maintenance or easily said to be zero maintenance. They don’t need water or sunlight or even thrive in humidity or tropical weather. You might need to wash them up once in a while to reveal the nice green color, but that is all.


Natural plants, except for a few, are seasonal, and if your heart is set on one such kind, then you might face your plant falling dead for a few months of the year. Especially in autumn, the plant will be just a pale bunch of bushes and nothing pleasing to the eye. Hence you will be spending lots of money on buying a new buddy for your pot, costing you some bucks. And who wants that after spending hundreds of dollars on office furniture and gadgets. However, you can always earn a discount through the employee purchase program.

Keeps Desk Clean

If you own a natural tiny pot plant on your desk, you might have had a few ‘accidents.’ From your plate under the pot getting full to the pot leaking some weird combination of mud and water. Natural plant pots are fond of leaving their trace wherever they are kept, which might add work. And with your expensive work gadgets lying nearby, it is risky to have a water seeping plant nearby. Hence an artificial plant prevents such mishaps from happening.


The materials that are used to create artificial plants are high-quality and long-lasting. Due to the protective coating sprayed on the leaves, most plants are water and pest resistant. These plants won’t wither or succumb to pest or water damage, so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

Not Confined To One Location

Artificial office plants can be seen everywhere. They are yours to move and position wherever you like. This enables you to experiment with your design and give your yard or area a fresh look. They are also simple to re-pot if you prefer a different shape, color, or appearance.

Diverse Options

If you live near the Sahara desert, we have bad news for you, mate. Real greenery may drastically restrict your options if you don’t have the correct conditions or enough room for the plants you want. For instance, tropical blooms may require sunlight or a humid environment that you cannot offer. With artificial office plants, this isn’t the case; you have complete creative freedom to achieve any style. Additionally, a vast variety of artificial plants are available today, giving you a lot of choices.

Suitable for Every Theme

Maybe your office theme is a bit different than others. You are not a fan of basic brown and beige shades but have opted for an industrial office design with solid vibes. In those cases, one might not find the best accessories or decorations to cover up the remaining space in their office setup.

Artificial indoor plants and trees go well with every type of setup, regardless of your theme or area of interest. You can pair them with vintage designs because there were plants in the 60s and even with modern office layouts. After all, the world is incomplete without some green.

No Allergies and Similar Issues

Real plants can cause many problems for people using the same space. For instance, if children or animals get in contact with or eat them, they may cause allergies or even poisoning. Artificial plants don’t have any of these issues, and there’s no need to be concerned about pollen, which is the primary cause of allergies worldwide.

Minimizes Stress

Stress permeates every aspect of our life. Work productivity can be negatively impacted by stress. High-stress levels are common in many workplaces. Artificial workplace plants can be a big aid in reducing stress. With the aid of fake plants, more and more offices are establishing green spaces to promote stress-free environments.




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