Dec 1, 2021

5 min read

Best Office Desktop Accessories for Practicality & Fun

It’s sad that we don’t have control over working eight full hours at a desk. However, you can transform your workspace with the right office desktop accessories so that those hours are more fun. Our list of accessories here can make your desk more functional in a stylish and cool way.

Desk pads

A desk pad is a long rectangular piece of material that goes under your laptop, PC, and mouse, just like a mat. These office desktop accessories reduce the need to get a separate monitor stand and mouse pad and save desk space. You have plenty of choices online and can choose from an assortment of colors, sizes, and designs.

Most of the desk pads are made from PVC leather with a suede backing. These look great on any desk; they are durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. The surface is smooth enough to use as a mouse pad with more than enough room for wider mouse movements. You can even place papers on it directly for jotting down notes. They are wide enough to place your hands while typing.


You could easily use any plant in a pot, but these can be messy, leave water spills, mud traces or dry out. A terrarium is one of the low care, easy maintenance alternative desktop accessories that add nature to your desk without the hassle. The best part is that they are generally a small collection of plants enclosed in a glass container.

You can buy ready made terrariums or build one yourself by following a DIY tutorial online. Terrariums can be furnished with items that recreate the look of a small-scale garden or natural scenery. When these office desk accessories are placed on your desk, you have this nice, enchanting view that soothes your eyes and relaxes you.

Mini desk vacuum

When it comes to cleaning your desk of all those crumbs, a handheld vacuum is too cumbersome. Instead, keep a desktop vacuum cleaner handy and ready to use in the desk drawer. Also known as crumb collectors, these tech desk accessories are about six to eight centimeters in diameter that’s large enough to fit your palm.

They operate just like a mouse and run on standard batteries. Simply press the button to scoop up ash, hairs, crumbs and even clear your keyboard of dust particles. This is one of the must-have office desktop accessories in your workstation.

Wireless charging stands

This is one of the best desktop accessories that are perfect for those who forget to bring their charger from home. It’s also the solution for anyone who wishes to keep their desk free of wires. We use our phones often, depleting the battery faster than expected, and then forget to charge them.

Wireless charging stands are the must-have desk accessories that solve all these problems. There are universal models that are compatible with all phones and are Qi-enabled. They even double as a phone stand, holding your device screen upwards so you can see all notifications.

It is easy and effortless to put the phone back on this stand rather than plugging the charger back on. They work perfectly with your height adjustable desk, where you don’t have to use too many wires. If you already have a wireless charger and also use a tablet, then consider a multi-angle tablet stand. This prevents you from craning your neck over to view the screen.

Stick-on desktop finish

This is a peel-and-stick polyvinyl chloride paper that is an affordable way to upgrade your desk. You can easily resurface the top part of your work desk to give it a brand-new look. The paper is easy to apply and remove, where you peel off the adhesive liner and then apply the polyvinyl to a clean, dry and flat surface.

The polyvinyl is waterproof, won’t soak up liquids, and the smooth surface can be cleaned off easily. Polyvinyl desktop stickers are multi-purpose office desk accessories and can be applied to other surfaces like filing cabinets, notebooks, countertops, dressers, floating shelves, bookcases, and more.

Keyboard covers

If you can’t get a hold of the desktop vacuum cleaners, then go for a keyboard cover. These computer desk accessories are an affordable way to keep your keyboard clean. They are long-lasting, made out of silicon, and can stick onto the keyboard without glue.

The material is soft, smooth and does act as a buffer between your keys and fingers. Over time, it becomes dusty as it traps smaller dust particles preventing them from entering the gaps around the keys. It also protects the keyboard from liquid spills. You have to pick the right size based on the size of your laptop. They are easy to apply, remove and are washable too.

Anti-fatigue foot stands

If you’ve invested in a sit-stand desk, then you need a good footrest. These aren’t your typical high-tech office furniture¸ but offer the best comfort for your feet. An anti-fatigue mat lets you stand for a longer period of time, taking the pressure off your feet, hips, and knees.

Some mats feature a textured finish to prevent slipping and permit easier movement or placement of the mat without bending over. You can use these without shoes, too, as they have beveled edges that reduce tripping and curling up of the sides. If it’s possible, you can attach a foot hammock under your desk. This is a smaller version of a hammock, and you simply put your feet onto it when they feel tired.

The other alternative is a motion board. This footrest lets you swivel, tilt or rock as you work standing up as it has rubber bumpers underneath. You can burn calories, engage your core, improve your circulation and boost energy.

Desktop organizers

Your desk needs organizing too. There are certainly bigger desktop organizers that are attractive, hold all your things, and work as a desk divider. Invest in one of these office desktop accessories if you need to share a desk.

Most organizers are made of so many materials like glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc. Pick one that you know you can manage, hold most items, and fit the desk. Ensure that it’s sturdy enough when filled with books, files, office supplies, plants, chargers, etc.