Best Ways to Have Happy Feet When Using Standing Desk

5 min readAug 4, 2022


Should you occasionally sit at a standing desk to rest your feet if you use one? Yes, without a doubt. Working from a single position for the entire shift is never a good idea. Whenever possible, and whenever your body needs it, always move whenever you can to stop your feet hurt from standing. The right time to change positions is known to you (and your body) as long as needed.

The feet hurt standing desk was the first thing that would make them switch back to a chair when they first started using a standing desk. Standing desks and other workplace wellness furniture are now available from Autonomous, allowing people to spend 80 to 90% of their workday on their feet with no complaints! And we’re proud of it too!!

When people first started using their standing desks, they might even wear different shoes and use anti-fatigue mats to cope with feet that hurt when standing all day. But the most important thing is to train their bodies to stand and work and keep adjusting the height of the standing desk. Over the weeks, gradually spend more time with your feet by sitting rather than standing. Listen to your feet as you go.

You will likely hurt your feet when standing too long while standing within six months. Keeping moving, shifting your weight from foot to foot, taking short walks, and wearing comfortable footwear (or bare feet if possible) are all good ways to stay healthy.

Some Ergonomic Tools from Autonomous

1. Standing desk mat

The Autonomous standing desk mat encourages micro-movements and prevents stiffness and strain by encouraging micro-movements. Whatever the length of time you spend at your desk. Autonomous anti-fatigue mats provide gentle support for the pelvic and lumbar areas, making them scientifically proven to reduce back pain.

Additionally, they keep you energized at your L-shaped standing desk by improving your standing posture. Feel the benefits of both incline and decline throughout the day by rotating the Autonomous anti-fatigue mat. With a standing desk, you can mix up your movements to stay energized, productive, and active.

As you run, your feet stay secure with the non-slip, durable Running belt. In addition to providing less friction, the Smooth layer also provides stability. In addition to providing shock absorption, the cushioned EVA soft layer also provides a safer running experience due to a high-density fiberboard that is very durable and long-lasting. It is worth checking out each model listed on our employee purchase program as they all contain unique features that could benefit you.

  • An incline of two inches
  • Leather and PU that is tear-resistant and high-tensile
  • Abrasion-resistant, anti-slip SBR
  • It is capable of supporting 330 pounds of weight

2. ErgoStool

ErgoStool’s Autonomous ErgoStool eliminates the need to stand while taking a break and makes sitting much more enjoyable. Your back and core are strengthened by using the ergonomic stool. With its weighted base, you can easily use it on any surface, allowing you to move freely while seated.

A part of the program involves promoting Dynamic Sitting, which mimics our frequent position changes while standing, thereby boosting our energy and movement levels. To take a low-impact break from standing, you can perch on an ergonomic stool instead of lowering your desk. It is also beneficial to give yourself the option of taking quick, easy breaks to encourage you to stand for long periods.

  • Dynamic weighted base
  • 10" range of height adjustment
  • Seat with an ergonomic slope
  • Surface traction is excellent
  • It supports a maximum weight of 270 pounds

3. Treadmill

Storage is easy with the foldable design. Watch your favorite shows while you work out, or take a call. It’s easy to ensure you get your steps in even when you’re at work or home. Among the folding treadmill models we carry from Walking Pad are the Walk-Run R1 Pro, the C2, the Walking A1 Pro, the Double-fold X21, the Walk-Run R1, and the basic folding treadmill.

In addition to easy control features, these treadmills also feature foot-sending speed controls, a remote, and an app. Running treadmills typically come in conventional forms. In addition, it can be transformed into a walking machine by folding down the handrails. Folding treadmills? It’s easy to work out anywhere, anytime, whether it’s upright or flat.

You can use black and chrome in any space to create a sleek look. An armrest can be folded down to create a walking desk instantly. Are you short on space? Any small office or home can utilize the 180° folding technology.

  • A 180° folding design that is patented
  • The belt for the treadmill with 4 layers
  • Connecting smart apps
  • Control of speed with foot sensors

4. Balance board

In addition to enhancing energy and productivity, the Flow Board is designed to improve muscle memory. The flowboard stimulates micro-movements in your muscles, regardless of whether you’re standing or sitting. Flowboard was designed for multitaskers so you can exercise while you work.

When you use the flowboard, you create all-over muscular micro-movements, regardless of whether you’re seated or standing. Get a workout while you work with Flow, a workout app for multitaskers. Sitting for long periods can cause blood clots, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis, all of which can be prevented with the footrest function.

  • While standing, the core muscle is activated
  • Exercise tool that can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Long-lasting materials

When I Stand Up, My Feet Hurt?

It seems like standing desks are a great idea at first. These products are all benefits of increasing activity, promoting alertness, and protecting against health problems that are attributed to excessive sitting. Nothing is good in excess, whether it is naturally good or harmful to your health. There is no exception when it comes to standing.

Standing for an extended period has been found to be just as hazardous as sitting for an extended period. The risk of back pain, back disorders, and varicose veins increase when you’re on your feet all day instead of hurting the heart and promoting obesity. Aside from swelling ankles and pain in the feet (regardless of how you dress), your feet swell too.

That said, standing up for two hours is no problem. Health issues begin to surface after this, however. The foot pain may be temporarily relieved by sitting down, but if it continues, it can become lifelong.




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