Employee Health: A Factor For Workplace Productivity

What is employee health?

How employee health affects your workplace

1. Psychosocial stressors

2. The decline in overall performance

3. Impact on employee physical health

4. Impact on employee mental health

How to lower employee stress

  • Designing a new work environment fitted with office desks or ergonomic chair
  • ‍Job descriptions and employee qualifications should match
  • ‍Making specific job tasks more time-consuming and resource-intensive
  • Allowing employees to take naps and breaks
  • Reduce the risk of occupational hazards by establishing control measures
  • ‍Promoting and rewarding clear pathways
  • ‍Using safer technology and equipment
  • Making decisions and planning for the workplace more employee-centered
  • Taking physical risks out of the picture
  • Using personal protective equipment or office workout equipment to prevent injuries.
  • Educational and training programs or meditation exercises for employees
  • Psychological training for workers utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Monitoring routinely for stress symptoms and high blood pressure
  • Employee assistance programs and medical care for affected workers
  • Modifications and redesigns of the work environment in preparation for return to work

Other ways to promote better employee health

1. Regular Exercise

2. Healthy Nutritional Habits

3. Keeping a clean environment



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