How to Sleep While Sitting Up in a Chair? Quick Tips

Why You May Want to Sleep in Your Chair

  • When you do not have a bed and do not like to sleep on the ground because you do not have a bed.
  • Medical conditions, whether temporary or chronic

Why Sleeping in Your Chair is so Difficult

Tips on How to Sleep in Your Chair Comfortably

Potential Downsides of Sleeping in a Chair

Other Considerations for Sleeping in Your Chair

  • Keeping your head raised will prevent neck strain if you sleep sideways (just make sure you use something as a pillow).
  • Keep as far away as possible from resting on standard office or dining chairs that aren’t ergonomic.
  • Use a reclining chair that has a footrest and a headrest.
  • Install a lumbar support pillow, neck pillow, and head rest if you don’t have a reclining chair
  • Set the alarm, so you don’t oversleep!


Does sitting up in a chair make you sleep worse?

Can you tell me why I sleep better sitting up?



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