How to Sleep While Sitting Up in a Chair? Quick Tips

6 min readAug 9, 2022


Do you currently live in an environment that makes lying down inappropriate? Have you tried sleeping without a bed? Getting a good night’s sleep on a chair is possible if you make it as comfortable as possible. Sitting upright in a chair may take some practice, but you will still be able to get a good night’s sleep.

You must provide your sleeping site with a blanket and pillows to sleep comfortably in a chair. Adding a scarf to the back of your chair and wrapping it around your head will provide extra support. If you need more neck support, add another pillow to sleep sitting up.

Why You May Want to Sleep in Your Chair

We rarely choose to be in this situation where we need to know how to sleep sitting up: our bed broke down, we’ve moved recently, or we’re awaiting our new bed. It is simple if you want to buy a bed for your home office, but if you want to buy one for your regular workplace, it may be more difficult. The human body is designed to sleep lying down, so there are two reasons to consider sleeping vertically. A chair can be useful for sleeping in this situation.

  • When you do not have a bed and do not like to sleep on the ground because you do not have a bed.
  • Medical conditions, whether temporary or chronic

Some medical reasons can be more serious and are medical. There may be cold symptoms or allergies giving you trouble while lying down, and the congestion prevents you from breathing. Some medical procedures, such as cataract surgery or facial surgery, can make horizontal sleeping dangerous or even impossible. As a result, you need to make alternative arrangements for sleeping in such circumstances.

Why Sleeping in Your Chair is so Difficult

You don’t have to worry about sleeping on a chair or is it bad to sleep sitting up. The natural signals and cues your body sends to tell you when it is time to wake up or fall back asleep when you are sleeping. There are also instances when your brain can recognize that you are rested without being fully in control of your muscles, which can prevent some types of pain.

The only problem is that you do not have a recliner chair to let you take a comfortable nap. Moreover, your back and neck may be sore the next morning because your body isn’t stretched out naturally. If you sit on your chair for a standing desk and rest your head on the table, you are bending your back at a 90-degree angle, which is harmful to your lower back.

You can develop numbness in your legs if you have been seated for a long period. Some office workers prefer to take shorter naps or breaks on their chairs but seldom get enough sleep to function efficiently.

Tips on How to Sleep in Your Chair Comfortably

Are there any tips on the best way to sleep sitting up comfortably on an office chair from our employee purchase program all night? Try to focus most on the neck position, the hand position, the leg position, and the spine angle in a chair to sleep well. To be comfortable, they should be relaxed during sleep and free from further movement.

As you sleep, you should also support your feet and hands since unsupported feet and hands may reduce blood circulation. One tip is to take a break and sleep in your bed; however, if you are working from home and you have an actual bed to go to, this works once you know how to sleep sitting up comfortably! A full recliner chair for your office would be another suggestion.

Certain chairs are called ‘full-recliners’ because they have extendable footrests, backrests, and adjustable headrests. A neck pillow that supports your head and a footrest that supports your legs will give you the extra support you need if you don’t have a sleep office chair that reclines.

Potential Downsides of Sleeping in a Chair

Sleep causes muscle tone to decrease. This means that every muscle in your body becomes flabby. In addition to being the most comfortable position for falling asleep, lying down ensures that your position will not change as your muscles become slack.

People who fall asleep sitting (with their muscles losing tone), if their bodies are not supported (by a backrest or a table), they are more likely to fall. Your body would still be placed in awkward positions due to gravity, leading to muscle soreness.

Sitting up and sleeping doesn’t make much difference except that you’ll sleep lighter because you’ll feel as if you’re losing balance every time you enter deeper sleep, which means you won’t be properly rested, and sleeping won’t provide any benefit.

Laying down is the best position for sleeping. The disadvantage of sleeping while sitting is that it won’t do much harm if you aren’t able to do so. The commuters consider it a good idea to nap occasionally to save up their energy reserves.

Most take their shoes off and elevate their feet if they can recline their seats. Nowadays, wearing shoes, you can remove them quickly when traveling is necessary. Remember that you should get up and move around whenever you sit at your desk for long periods so you do not develop blood clots. Fluids should also be consumed in large quantities.

Other Considerations for Sleeping in Your Chair

  • Keeping your head raised will prevent neck strain if you sleep sideways (just make sure you use something as a pillow).
  • Keep as far away as possible from resting on standard office or dining chairs that aren’t ergonomic.
  • Use a reclining chair that has a footrest and a headrest.
  • Install a lumbar support pillow, neck pillow, and head rest if you don’t have a reclining chair
  • Set the alarm, so you don’t oversleep!


Does sitting up in a chair make you sleep worse?

The heart is negatively affected by sleeping in an ergonomic chair on a regular basis. The risk of blood clots in the heart increases for people who drive home from work and sit in a white ergonomic chair for hours. Blood pools up in your legs when you sit for a long time, which puts pressure on your heart because of the pressure on the arteries in your legs.

Can you tell me why I sleep better sitting up?

An additional benefit of sleeping in a recliner is improved digestion. You can twist and curl in your sleep when you’re snoozing on a mattress or bed, which can affect digestion. Therefore, digestion operations are easy when your body is resting while slumbering on a fully reclined modern ergonomic chair.




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