Introducing AUTOREX — A New NFT Project from Autonomous

5 min readAug 12, 2022

For NFT enthusiasts out there, we’ve cooked up an awesome new opportunity to get immersed in a new metaverse platform with amazing new NFT art that we’re giving you a chance to get in on before anyone else!

AUTOREX is a collection of 10,000 unique dinosaur NFTs imminently launching, all designed by Autonomous. As an AUTOREX owner, you’ll be a dinosaur representative in AUTOLAND, which is the fertile promised land of Autonomous in the metaverse. Within the AUTOLAND ecosystem, you’ll be able to participate in exclusive metaverse experiences made possible by your AUTOREX NFT, as well as get access to products that bring your NFTs to life launching in our Web3 store.

Each AUTOREX dinosaur is inspired by the Autonomous mascot, and it’s more than just an NFT collection or a product; AUTOREX is the key to joining our community, unlocking the promised land of technology, metaverse, and innovative products from Autonomous.

AUTOREX NFT series roadmap

To give you an idea of what you can expect in the weeks ahead and to make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s some information about our upcoming phases for the AUTOREX NFT project.

Phase 1: AUTOEGG and AUTOREX launch

From August 15–17, we’ll be launching AUTOEGG. Get in early and score better pricing by buying an AUTOEGG before they hatch into an AUTOREX. The type of AUTOREX you receive will be randomized, and it’s a great way to get your AUTOREX in advance at a special promotional price.

We’ll give away one NFT per week on Twitter. You’ll also get an AUTOREX when you purchase an Autonomous OG Frame (launching during phase 2), a customized product listed on our Web3 store, or you can purchase an NFT from OpenSea.

As an owner of AUTOREX, you’ll have the chance to test pre-release innovation products from Autonomous Lab, get early access to Autonomous sales, and enjoy other members-only benefits exclusive to AUTOREX holders.

Phase 2: OG Frame and Web3 store launch

For our OG Frame collection launch on August 22nd, we’ll be giving away one free AUTOREX to the first 5 customers. We’ll also be launching our Web3 NFT customization store. With the new customization function, you can upload your NFts and customize a selection of products with your unique artwork. As an added bonus, any customer who connects their crypto wallet can access storewide discounts up to 25% off, plus one unique AUTOREX per customized product order.

Phase 3: Enter AUTOLAND

On September 12th, we’re launching AUTOLAND, the dedicated ecosystem for AUTOREX, only on ROVE. Within the AUTOLAND ecosystem, AUTOREX owners can immerse themselves in an exclusive experience of the metaverse. But how will you be represented in this virtual space? Enter the 3D avatar!

With the AUTOLAND launch also comes the launch of our 3D avatars, a representation of your unique AUTOREX. With this function on ROVE, you can customize your dinosaur with jackets, hats, shoes, and more. Your 3D AUTOREX will also get exclusive access to meta events as well as member-only benefits on ROVE.

Phase 4: Forging Event

Coming October 3rd, the Forging Event will be the final chapter in our launch roadmap, which will be the limited edition release of NFT jackets, shoes, hats, and more, for your 3D avatars. Users who own these limited edition NFTs can also have them produced into physical products!

AUTOREX NFT collection coming soon to the metaverse!

Stay tuned for more exciting details and updates in the coming weeks as we prepare to launch one of our most exciting and ambitious Web3 projects EVER! We’re so excited to share AUTOREX and AUTOLAND with you all, and hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey to be a part of our metaverse community.

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