Introducing Ninja ATM

A decentralized peer to peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange, that allows users to buy crypto with cash. Anonymously.

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We launched in the Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, and USA— Check out our ATMs via your smartphone or tablet!

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Buy and sell cryptocurrency with Ninja ATM

The concept is simple; Ninja will allow users from all over the world to buy cryptocurrencies with cash. Breaking down barriers that exist on traditional platforms, there is no extensive KYC process that users need to go through. You don’t need a bank account or credit card to use Ninja; this means that over 2 billion people in the world, who are currently restricted when it comes to using traditional platforms will be able to buy cryptocurrencies with cold hard cash.

By allowing users to remain anonymous and securing the transactions using the blockchain, we are going back to the roots of the cryptocurrency movement. Where the plan was to move away from banks, and any other organization that is centralized and move towards a decentralized money movement.

How it works

When you want to buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), you head over to Ninja and look for Ninja ATMs nearby.

The next step is to come to Ninja ATM and finalize the transaction. The whole process is secured by a smart contract (everything is open sourced on Github); therefore, once you have paid for the crypto, the amount will be released from escrow and automatically transferred to the buyer’s wallet. Simple and secure.

Ninja ATMs

Ninja ATMs are where the transactions are made and the backbone of Ninja ATM. Allowing Ninjas all over the world to come to buy cryptocurrencies, while staying anonymous — and secure. You can open an ATM by clicking on ‘Create My ATM’ button at the bottom.

Open your own Ninja ATM and become one of us!

Why did we do it?

We wanted to create a platform that everyone could use, no matter the location and no matter their bank status. The current platforms have high fees, and more have extensive KYC practices, with some exchanges inching closer and closer to traditional banking models.

Ninja takes you back to the basics — Connect with crypto users globally. Buy anonymously. No transaction fee at all.

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We build office products that help you #WorkSmarter ⚡️Join the Autonomous movement and get ready for more productive day!

We build office products that help you #WorkSmarter ⚡️Join the Autonomous movement and get ready for more productive day!