OG Frame — A Gallery Exclusively for Your NFT Collection

4 min readAug 24, 2022


What is OG?

OG is a stylish way to show off your gorgeous NFTs. It’s built to display your unique NFTs exclusively, and nothing else. Available in wide angle and square frames in oak, walnut, black, or white finishes,, they’re made to show off your artwork in your own personal gallery for anyone to enjoy, as well as your avatar-style NFT collections. All images are transferred securely from your wallet to the frame directly — and that’s what these frames are exclusively built for.

Why choose OG?

Show off your NFT collection in an exclusive and premium way:

Exclusively for your 1:1 art.

OG only frames your one-of-a-kind NFT artwork, which makes your frame as unique as your collection. Take pride in your ownership and show everyone what you’ve got hanging right on the wall. It’s not an ordinary digital frame — it’s only capable of displaying your unique acquisitions for the world to see.

From your wallet to the wall.

Cast your NFT from your Metamask wallet and display your NFT securely from your phone. Customize your slideshow length, background color and settings with app controls that let you set the mood and the style for your NFT selections. Display your 1:1 NFT art, uniquely your way, in a format that no one else can imitate.

OG options

1. OG Spectrum — rectangular NFT frame

OG Spectrum is a widescreen frame exclusively for your NFTs. It’s perfect for landscape artwork, or portrait-orientation art. From abstract to nature to images of galaxies and beyond, this frame is the perfect fit for your gorgeous and unique art collection.

Make your NFTs museum-worthy.

Your unique digital assets get the vivid, colorful 4K treatment they deserve with a durable, premium oak, walnut, black or white frame. Create your own NFT art gallery in any home or office with a wide angle frame that shows it off perfectly.

2. OG Flex — square NFT frame

Your NFT avatar’s new favorite frame. The OG Flex square frame is built to perfectly complement your profile or avatar type NFTs. This specific dimension fits the most popular artwork created by some of the web’s most prolific NFT artists. Take those avatars out of hiding and put them up in a glorious form-fitting square frame for the world to see.


Give your avatar NFTs the treatment they deserve with stunning colors and a vivid, sharp 4K display. Plus, make sure they look great in one of our four high-quality color finishes: oak, walnut, black and white.


Can I choose the frame’s color/type of wood and size?

Currently, the frame is only available in Oak wood. But we have plans of including more material options and sizes. Let us know your suggestions via human@autonomous.ai

What’s the product’s warranty?

We offer 1 year warranty on the NFT Frame.

How can the frame verify the NFT’s authenticity?

To make sure you are the owner of the NFT artworks, NFT displayed on the frame can only be uploaded from your own Metamask wallet.

How many wallets can OG connect?

The App can connect only with 1 wallet per time. To change the wallet, just simply logout and reconnect with the wallet you want.

Does it have a battery?

The frame doesn’t have a battery and has to be plugged to operate.

Can I change the transition speed?

Yes, on the Autonomous App you can choose between our standard transition speed or a customized one.

What should I do if my OG screen is black even though it is plugged in?

Check the wall outlet or the power adapter and cables, the OG screen may not receiving the power. Make sure the input voltage is from 110 -240V.

Can the display screen show regular pictures, not just NFTs?

This OG frame only display NFTS and it is required to connect NFT wallet




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