What Culture Change in the Workplace Should be Made to Adapt to the “New Normal?”

Changes and Recommendations Companies Can Make to Adapt to the New Normal

You have seen the increased need for responsive business models that can quickly assist with the demands customers and employees have to deliver a business as usual. What changes can be made/adapted?

Incorporating More Women in the Workforce

With culture change in the workplace, the new company culture can see more women in the workforce and provide an opportunity for greater gender equality. Due to the pandemic, flexible hours and remote working has become more normalized. It is the best time for women and other minority groups to be incorporated into the labor requirements. As the stigma of not being committed and less devoted is being stripped away, the room is left for flexibility.

Reflection and Refining Company Values and Purpose

The sole aspects guiding a company’s culture are values and purpose. In a crisis such as COVID-19, they can be put to the test and brought under focus. Managers, CEOs, and stakeholders may need to reconsider what the company stands for, and complex decisions are made when there are unparalleled difficulties of culture change in the workplace. Ensuring values are along the lines of commitment to clients and customers, accountability, innovativeness, people-centric collaboration, and integrity is now ten times more important than before. Thus, it can improve employee engagement.

Stronger Transformational Leadership

Changing the workplace culture involves leadership styles. Think transformational instead of transactional. The same style you were using before the pandemic is not always going to make it in the new company culture. Leaders are to be even more democratic, collaborative, and empathetic than they have ever been. Managers can no longer be rewarded and praised for just getting the work done. The focus now is on managers that can get the job done by fostering a creative environment where employees feel engaged, supported, valued and it can encourage employee’s innovation.

Flexible Working Model or Remote Working Culture

Build team culture remote work to better adapt culture change in the workplace. Flexible working practices that are accommodating to employees are favored as the company works at creating a balance between office and remote working. Implementing a few flexible working models may see increased levels in performance, engagement, and productivity. This is especially true for those employees that have adapted very well to the remote working setup after creating a personal work from home station.

Effective Communication Between Teams

With the assistance of technology, companies and managers can continue to communicate and operate effectively. This helps to maintain a positive sense of morale through mediums, such as video conferencing calls, virtual sessions, and team socials. While it does not have the natural spark that face-to-face conversations. At the office, the organizations that can adapt well to the different communication technologies and virtual meeting platforms end up developing a well-versed team.

Employee Wellbeing

Managers, leaders, and stakeholders must work to strengthen their compassion, listening skills, and empathy towards supporting employees, especially those on a productive work from home schedule on various levels, to adapt culture change in the workplace. Managers must now check on employees that are on their teams more frequently, connecting with them in various ways.

Better Collaboration

Having the same enemy and fighting the same battle in a global pandemic encourages stronger bonds that can be used to form healthy work relationships. This encouragement brings a new level of connection between clients, customers, and colleagues.



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