Why Is Hot-Desking The Office Solution After The Pandemic?

What is hot desking?

Learning how hot desking works

Benefits of hot-desking facilities

Access to electric resources

Meeting rooms availability

Printing facilities

Private spaces

Pros and cons of hot desking

Pros of hot desking

  • Flexibility — Hot desks are one of the most effective ways a corporation can implement to use the whole office space. Over time, you will see how you can fit a particular number of workers within the same areas at different hours of the day without investing in more space. This situation will also lead to a cost reduction.
  • Affordability — With a more flexible workspace, people will become more productive as they will work in the most comfortable conditions. Thus, your company will improve its performance with the same space, saving you expenses related to the expansion of the corporation.
  • Accommodation — Certain companies work together with freelancers, remote workers, and even part-timers that may not need to own a desk at the company. In these cases, hot desking becomes the most viable working model not to lose valuable office space.

Cons of hot desking

  • High IT costs and effort — It can be a nightmare for certain companies with a small IT force. As this part of the company will accommodate the desk for the next worker every time one of them leaves the desk, it can become a pretty exhausting task in little time.
  • Communication difficulties — In hot-desking, people choose whenever they want to sit to start working. If an employer needs to speak with a certain worker but doesn’t know where they are, it may take extra effort to find them. It is why a booking system may also be beneficial.
  • It can be disruptive — Some workers value their personal space. Thus, it can be challenging for them to keep up with their tasks if they need to choose a desk and adapt to a new situation on a daily basis. Again, hot desking may not be a good option for all companies, and the needs of the workers must be addressed before it is implemented.



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