Work From Home on a Budget: The Perfect Home Office for Under $1000

Work from home

The Perfect Desk to Work from Home

You can work from home, but to do your very best work, you’ll need a rock-solid foundation for your laptop, display, and any other peripherals or documents you may have. A home office desk needs to have these characteristics:

Best budget desk: the SmartDesk 2 Home Office at $379

SmartDesk Home Office

Best high-end desk: the L-Shaped SmartDesk at $589

L-shaped SmartDesk

An Ergonomic Office Chair for the Home

So you’ve got your desk sorted. Now it’s time to find the perfect chair! You’ll need:

  • Durability. This is a chair you’ll be using on a daily basis. It needs to be smooth, quiet, and flexible when you need it to be, without wearing out or looking ugly and dirty over time.
  • Minimal design. The chair should also be simple and attractive-looking, complimenting your home decor rather than distracting from it.
  • Ergonomic! This is super important to keep you feeling comfortable and your posture upright and correct throughout the day. Not only is this important for immediate short-term comfort, but your long-term health stands to benefit as well!

Best budget home office chair: ErgoChair 2 at $349

This chair is an extremely popular and affordable option as it features multi-dimensional adjustability and a smart design that can be customized to suit just about any home color scheme. Everything from the headrest to the seat height and angle can be adjusted, and most importantly, it’s built to last with premium materials.

Best high-end home office chair: Kinn Chair at $419

Kinn Chair

Everything Else: Home Office Accessories

After you’ve got a chair and desk, the rest is up to you!


Almost any combination of accessories mentioned in this article will run below the $1000 mark, and equip you with everything you need to work from home. Of course, you’ll need to consider any special equipment needed for your profession, but with the right ergonomic home office chair and the perfect, sturdy home office desk, you’ll be equipped to do your best work — no matter what it is!



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