Work From Home with These Must-Have Apps and Tools!

Work from Home


Slack has steadily increased in popularity in jobs where half of the workforce may work remotely, or where lots of different teams may need to collaborate and share resources and ideas throughout the day. Now, it’s become a lifesaver for many remote workers looking for an efficient way to keep in touch with coworkers they would normally see face-to-face every day.



For face-to-face interactions, traditional apps like Skype or FaceTime may not be robust or convenient enough for a business environment. Enter Zoom, an app optimized for team meetings that works out all the kinks you’d normally encounter with standard video chat apps.

Google Docs

Though paid office suites like Microsoft Office 365 offer more in-depth and robust feature sets, Google docs is a great free collaborative tool that will suit most working environments. Collaborate with team members with chat built-in, as well as comments and corrections that can be made right in the document.

Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer is a dead simple web page that anyone can use. Though it may seem like a very simple tool, it’s actually much more useful than you might think.

Music Streaming Services

Music Streaming Service

Stay On Top of Your Mental Health

Mental Health

Physical Tools

Physical Tool


Be sure to do research if there’s a specific issue you’re having working from home. Chances are you’re not alone, and someone might have developed a solution to meet your specific needs. These are just a few of the most popular options for people working from home, but you may have your own favorites.



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