Working From Home: A Comfortable Work Environment, An Employer’s Dream

Save On Office Space

1. Save On Office Space

Real estate costs are one of the number one growing expenses for businesses around the country, especially in more densely-packed urban areas. Employers increasingly struggle to find enough office space for all their employees due to rising costs, not to mention employee salaries and other major expenses.

2. Save on Energy Bills

Save on Energy Bills

3. Give Employees More Responsibility Over Their Own Work


4. Boost Productivity with a Comfortable Working Environment

Boost Productivity

5. Help the Environment

For reasons listed above and many others, having employees work from home is great for the environment. As business owners and managers, the burden often rests on our shoulders to make our businesses as environmentally responsible as possible. “Green business” is efficient business, and strengthens the communities we serve for generations to come. Prospective employees, particularly young professionals and millennials, are attracted to companies that not only offer good salary and benefits, but have an eco-conscious approach to business as well.


There are many reasons employers might choose to keep their employees at home for work. Why not use this season as an opportunity to experiment and see if this management and organization style works for your company?



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